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HM Magazine interview

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

HM Interview questions, sept issue 2021

David V Wheeler

HM - You usually paint landscapes and cityscapes and many times these are places we all are familiar with, such as Rome, Florence, Paris. Most of them are strictly related to the concept of pure realism, but recently you started a new series that is revealing to be uncommon and original. Would you like to talk about it?

DW - " For a few years l was very much interested in focusing on describing reality in objective terms through the use of light and the way it defines everything within a space, a perspective. While also hinting at a underlying spiritual quality, the end results were still predominantly observational ( true to nature ) , l reached a point where that approach no longer fulfilled my inner need for self expression. I would say great art has always gone beyond purely physical representation and ends up creating its own visible world of emotion. I felt that was the direction l had to explore inorder to develop my work and stay true to myself.

While considering my approach l also became more conscious of including sculptural forms through my work in one way or another, so l wanted to push this passion further and make it an even more dominant element within my work. My ongoing series of paintings have the backdrop of Venice which link each work in progress, the unique qualities of the cities movement which lives in the imagination has encouraged me to follow a more spontaneous approach. The solid historically entrenched structures of previous cityscapes has been replaced by a totally malleable open ended creative process.

Literary sources and experimenting with the scale of objects and how this can be manipulated has also introduced a new atmosphere into the paintings. l am aiming to communicate the many definitions of existence, concrete reality, fantasy, dream states and memories all play a part to reflect my human experience and all its complexities, a truer reality. How successful my artistic attempts are will be for the viewer to consider but l can say l have tried, followed my personal vision and still feel inspired to continue. "

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