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Artist Statement

" While my work continues to evolve it is still firmly rooted within the European Realist Tradition of Painting , reflecting my personal vision in an open and imaginative way. 

Focusing my attention on both the urban and natural environment while incorporating a passion for sculptural forms. "


My enthusiasm for art began at an early age, during primary school l drew detailed studies of nature which was my other interest.


Spending time among reedbeds gazing into the depths of pond water at the hidden world beneath, searching for amphibians was an obsession for me.


In a school corridor among stuffed owls in glass cases and a print of Hobbema’s ‘ The Avenue ‘ hanging on the wall, l could be found creating my own world of colourful dinosaurs in poster paint on a sheet of A1 set upon an easel. 

Harvest Mouse on a Bulrush,.jpg

During my high school years l became aware of the history of western painting, immersing myself in the study of all the past masters from the Renaissance, Romantic, Baroque and Modern Painting periods.


My art teacher Mrs Poulson wrote in an end of year report: ‘his works shows a great understanding and maturity for his age. He must try to spend less time copying and more on direct observation or his own imaginative work'.


I had set myself the task of learning from the masters by copying their work like a painters apprentice of long ago, to become competent in the techniques of drawing and watercolour painting, l knew that without such skills I would not be able to create my own work. 

The paintings of my father on the walls of our living room were a great inspiration during this time.


He had a natural talent and was an excellent draughtsman, l always sought his advice on my own work.


My mindset was that each piece of work was a stage in learning, a development towards a higher level of understanding. An approach which still guides me today.


I studied Art Foundation at the district college which encouraged experimentation with an emphasis on ‘ideas’ rather than any specific guidance on teaching the skills needed to produce artwork, so I progressed through my own commitment to a wide variety of subjects such as urban landscape, still-life, life drawing and an interest in printmaking. I attempted oil painting for the first time with a series of monochromatic self-portraits influenced by the torn sweater photographs of James Dean.


I was accepted on an illustration diploma course where l flourished illustrating books such as The Grapes of Wrath and working to tight deadlines, an enjoyable challenge that tested my flexibility and imaginative skills, but I still preferred producing my own artwork.

I pursued my ambition on a degree illustration course with tutors that encouraged the sole study of painting. In terms of theory I researched Classicism in Contemporary Painting which also provided a basis for my own paintings, centred around portraiture and Greek Mythology. During this period in order to learn the techniques of oil painting I spent a great deal of time looking at paintings in public collections such as Leeds City Art Gallery, only then could I understand the physicality of the medium and what could be made possible through my own vision.

A few years later I gained my masters in Painting on the north coast at University College Scarborough where a resurgence of English Realism painting was taking place . After initially experimenting with painting ‘ portraits in situation ‘ I developed an approach of metaphysical concerns through the idea of time and memory, placing apparent objects of significance within suburban settings. During a study trip to New York I was able to fully realise these ideas in a series of other worldly cityscapes ( Exploration I-XII ) over a three year period in a studio l established back in my hometown of Castleford where I work today.

After a one-man exhibition of these paintings and drawings I have spent some years concentrating on Italian cityscapes such as views of Florence and Rome which reflects my ongoing dialogue with the birthplace of geometrically inspired realism.


In recent times I have begun to develop what I consider a more ‘truthful realism’ which incorporates both the passage of time and the inner reality of our consciousness, in paintings that explore the many interpretations of reality, breaking away from the restrictions of the single image concept.


With this in mind I aim to extend the language of realism painting through my own personal perspectives and ideas.  

Exploration XI,2001,60x54inche,oil on canvas.jpg


BORN   1970


96-98  MA Fine Art Painting, University of Hull  Scarborough Campus

91-94  BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting/Illustration, Leeds Met University

90-91  HND Illustration, Cleveland College of Art & Design

87-89  Art Foundation, Wakefield College



23       Magic+Miracles Group Exhibition, Kreiva Gallery, Bridlington 
           International Art Exhibition, Chongqing City, China, 

22       Winter Open Exhibition, Gallery180, Leeds

21       Juli Group Museum, Beijing, China

           International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Galleria Bellini, Florence

           Royal Cambrian Academy Open Exhibition, Wales

19       Summer Show, PlusOneGallery,London

18       Hyperrealism Exhibition, Museu Del Tabac,Andorra

           Columbia Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, Mall Galleries 

17       Winter Exhibition, PlusOneGallery,London

16       UnityWorks,Wakefield

           LPStainers Exhibition,Mall Galleries,London

12-16  PlusOneGallery,London

12       LPStainers Exhibition,Mall Galleries,London

           Ferens Open,Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

11       WHPatterson Gallery,London

10       Leeds Open, Leeds City Art Gallery

08-10  LPStainers Exhibition,London

06       Hester gallery,Leeds

05       Open Painting Exhibition,Royal West Of England Academy,Bristol

04       Contemporary British Painitng Exhibiton,Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

04-05  Leeds Open, Leeds City Art Gallery

           Whitewall gallery,Leeds

03-06  Sefton Open,Atkinson Art Gallery,Southport

           Ferens Open,Ferens Art Gallery,Hull

           Summer in the City Exhibition, England & Co Gallery, London

00-02  Leeds Open, Leeds City Art Gallery

98       Bruton Gallery, Leeds

96       York Open, York City Art Gallery

95       Royal Overseas League 12th Annual Open Exhibition, London

94       New English Art Club Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

94       The Water Lily Foundation Open, The Guildhall, Cambridge





07       A Decade of Painting 95-05, Bridge Arts, Castleford

07       Ancient Times Modern Times, Cooper Gallery, Barnsley

05       Travel Paintings, North Street Gallery, Leeds 

02       Exploration l-Xll, Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery  

99       Past and Present, Wakefield Art Gallery





Xinxing Building, Langfang City, China

The Hepworth , Wakefield

University of Hull Art collection

Mars Pension Trustees Ltd, Leeds

Private collections in England





21       Hyperrealism Magazine , issue 14, 16

19       Hyperrealism Magazine , issue 6 , 7           

10       The Artist Magazine, jan




21     Highly Commended Award, Royal Cambrian Academy

03     Sefton Open Prize Award, Atkinson Art Gallery




07-10 Painting & Drawing Tutor, Open College of the Arts


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